Kiln dried kindling is sold neatly packed in 18" x 24" burlap bags.  There is enough kindling to start 20 plus fires.  We sell these bags for $12 each or two for $20.  


Kiln Dried  Kindling

One face cord stacked is one row of wood stacked 4 feet tall by 8 feet long.

Face Cord 4' x 8'

Our all-in-one pallet is 4 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide stacked with two rows of wood.  This acts as your firewood rack and is supplied with a bag of fire starter.  Delivered to your home for $220.

All-In-One Pallet

Kiln Dried Firewood​

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Experience The Difference

*Stacking is included in the price as long as we are able to pull the truck up to where you want the wood stacked.                All taxes are included in pricing. 

Residential Firewood Pricing

Kiln DriedCustomer Pick Up

Delivered and


(WITHIN 15 miles of Senoia 30276)

Delivered and Stacked*

(OVER 15 miles from Senoia 30276)

2'x2' Stack$50--              --                   

1/4 Face Cord (4'x2' Stack)$90--            --               

 1/2 Face Cord (4'x4' Stack)$150$200$275

Face Cord (4'x 8' Stack)$250$320$525

​Smoak Firewood kiln dries all of our firewood and it consists of a mixture of different varieties of hardwoods.  We are the first USDA certified firewood company in Georgia.  Being kiln dried allows us to provide wood with a consistent moisture content ensuring that no matter when you order your wood it will burn the same, time and time again.  Seasoned wood can vary greatly in moisture levels based upon the size of the pieces, temperature, humidity and the amount of time it sits.   All of our wood is cut between 16" and 18" but special sizes can be cut for your needs.  We can supply shorter wood down to 12" for wood burning stoves and up to 22" for larger fireplaces. 

Please take the time to read about the advantages of kiln dried wood under the products tab above.